“Working with Sheila has changed my life. I am now able to hold my energy so that I can be healthy and clear in my boundaries and able to attract the kinds of experiences that I want in my life.”  MS

“Sheila Peters is a gifted healer – I highly recommend her one-to-one energy work sessions. They are transformative and literally energizing. I feel more relaxed and grounded with lowered pain after treatments. I love that she provides a daily protocol that I can follow in between sessions so self-care, self-healing and energy balance can continue to occur.”  AN

“Sheila is amazing and gets to your soul in her work. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience wrapped up with compassion and understanding that I have not experienced before. She always makes me feel safe and nurtured and wants only what is best for me. Again, Sheila’s work is amazing!” CF 

“I have to admit, I was a skeptic at first about energy healing. Sheila came highly recommended and she is excellent and very professional. I’d been going through some challenging life events with one of my parents and in-laws passing away, so I was looking for something with real healing impact. With Sheila I got just that and she has also given me practical daily practices that help outside sessions. I have to say the first time I felt the energy really flowing in my body after a session with Sheila was remarkable. It’s hard to describe but the results are fabulous. I feel great every time I have a session and the effects are lasting for me. If you are looking for real energy work you must see Sheila right away. She has gotten me through many things that I might otherwise have struggled with.” RN

“Sheila’s substantial understanding of the body combined with her precise intuition create a nurturing experience of being totally ‘in your body.’ I have experienced both individual coaching and class work with Sheila and have ALWAYS come away with a sense of increased physical and emotional well-being.” DC

“Want to gain insights into yourself and into your life? Then schedule a bodywork session with Sheila. Much more than massage, Sheila’s practice starts with a short series of tests to determine where to begin and what to work on. I learned from her that the onus is on me to improve my health, first by understanding what factors – energy, hydration, proprioception, exercise – I need to balance, and then teaching me how to achieve that balance. I always feel renewed after my sessions with Sheila, and eager for my next visit.” AC

“No pain all yesterday after our session, remarkable! First time for awhile with no Advil. Still better today, despite PT [Physical Therapy] torture. Your skill is impressive.” GM