Perception is Reality

How we view life is how we experience it. Most of us know this, at least intellectually. But no matter how well we know this or have integrated it intellectually and emotionally, we don’t always act from this knowledge. We can lose our perspective when our perception doesn’t match our outcome.


Over this weekend, I journeyed through a strong earthquake of re-alignment in the perception department. Loved ones helped me. I had gone into black and white thinking: either “this” will happen or it won’t by “x” amount of time. I couldn’t see any other alternatives. I began panicking and doubting myself.


With the aid of compassionate coaching, I suddenly was able to picture a different viewpoint. Instead of seeing only what was at the end of the tunnel I had built, I was happily surprised that I now could see the horizon and beyond. By shifting my time perspective to a year instead of a couple of months, I was able to gain a new perception. Reality shifted and emotional alignment was regained. I began to breathe more deeply and the self-induced pressure was alleviated.


It was a powerful reminder that we shape ourselves, our lives, our actions, and our interactions with others by how we construct our view of the world.


If we think that we are clumsy, fat, and ungraceful; then that will be our reality. If we think that we cannot achieve something; then we make it so. If we don’t believe that others are trustworthy; then that is what we will experience. This is not magical thinking. It’s self-fulfilling prophecy.


We pattern ourselves and our behavior and therefore what happens to us by how we conceive our reality. If our reality isn’t what we desire, then we need to change our concepts. A small shift in how we view our situation can have huge repercussions.


It is so much easier to see the misplaced perceptions in how others are functioning than in ourselves. I am grateful to have people in my life that care enough to help me readjust my perceptions.


© 2010 by Sheila Peters. All rights reserved.