Energy Work

Energy Medicine Sessions

Sheila Peters utilizes a holistic approach to energy work by employing hands-on protocols that include tapping and touching body points; muscle checking and correcting; repairing the biofield; and guided movement/breathing exercises. By freeing blockages, the client’s energies are rebalanced and self-healing can occur.  Clients report feeling more relaxed and grounded with lowered pain, whether physically or emotionally based, after treatment. Sessions are generally 90 minutes long.  Clients dress in comfortable clothing that they can easily move in.


Somatic Coaching

The Somatic Coaching Session is a deeply relaxing experience. In this 1 1/2 hour private session, the client learns to connect with the body through manipulated stretches directed through touch and vocal coaching. Breathing is incorporated into the movements to help increase range of motion. The session begins and ends with a “body scan” which is designed to help sense changes in flexibility, physical awareness, and levels of relaxation. Clients dress in comfortable clothing that they can easily move in.

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Sheila Peters had a long career as a professional dancer and choreographer and continues to teach dance and movement classes at private studios. In addition, she has studied Feldenkrais and Alexander Techniques, Reiki, and Eden Energy Medicine as well other diverse somatic modalities. She holds a BA in Dance, MS in Leadership/Communications, and  is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and wingWave © Coach.